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Week 1

The Differences of Sending Messages by Using Group (Post)  and Email.

From what I've learned from recently Computer In Education class, I've acknowledge some differences between the above methods of mailing. One of the differences would be the way of sending the messages.

For Group (Post), one only need to open up the group web page, search for the Post button and write down any messages directly in the web page itself. The User should be able to read his/her messages being discussed later on without having to open up another window (base on Yahoo group web page).

Whereas the Email is a little bit different from Group (Post). Even though the discussion are made within the presence of an email account window, but still it gives the user the ability to attached files, pictures, music etc. on the same thread or message unlike the Group (Post) method (again base on the yahoo group web page) which separate these things.

Overall these two methods indeed have their own pros and cons and it is basically up to us the user to choose the best way that we see more comfortable with us. For me, practicing both methods wouldn't hurt us anyway. Hope this will do in answering the question above. Thanks for reading.