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Week 3

Google Drive - Another Cloud Storage

Greetings fellow friends. For this week Computer In Education class, I have been exposed to another cloud storage in the net society which goes by the name Google Drive. Even though we are not entirely poking around with its button and browsing around with its features yet (as we are only focusing on writing our assignment with Google Doc), but in time we will have the opportunity to do so and discussed it in this blog.
A little about Google Drive. As said earlier it is one of the many cloud storage offered on the net for us the user to store data (file, music, video etc.) in the worldwide web and of course the same benefits like its other competitors. This Google Drive application has make it self a little bit unique from its competitors by providing few document oriented application that can be use on the go.

Such applications that can be found in this Google Drive are Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Form, Drawing etc. These provided applications are intended to reduce the time and increase the productivity of its user by only using their Google Account to complete their work task (No need to open another software to do separate tasks is just what come in their Google mind I would say).

Any job can be completed by using this application provided by Google Drive such as writing your assignment on Google Doc, key in your data with Google Spreadsheets and many more. However there is a little glitch about these applications though for those users who have been familiarized with Microsoft Office. Why? If you could look closely these apps have the similarities with those of Microsoft Office but the only lacking parts is the apps features. Not all features from Microsoft being adapted into this newly found apps as it may result in more probs such as taking more loading time just to execute an app.

Above all, this apps provided by Google Drive seems has indeed prove it worthiness to be with other stand tall cloud storage out there such as those of Droxbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Windows Azure Blob Storage, Box, & Minus. Compliment should be given to Google as they tries to make their users' experiences in using familiarized software such as Microsoft Office into their engines, Mini Office don't you think.

That is all for this week writing. Until next time and have a good day.

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